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The Growers 1st Edition

When Jess and Jack's parents drop them off at Granny and Grandad Grower's house, the fun begins. This entertaining storybook contains detailed illustrations, RHS Perfect for Pollinators seed paper to plant together, recipes to bake together, games, activities and more. From tiny acorns...


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Meet the Growers

Hello, we're The Growers. We love our garden, it's the perfect place for Jess and Jack to have hours of fun at the same time as learning about life.

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Kids Activities & Entertainment

Lots of activities means lots of fun, giggles, hugs and learning

Our Story

The Growers books have been written, illustrated and printed in the UK by Pen Dance Productions, an independent publishing company established by award-winning individuals with backgrounds in advertising, design and writing. Qualitative and quantitive research ensures that each Growers book and activity will make life easier and more rewarding for generations of families. 

David Bell is a writer, advertising creative director and father based in Yorkshire. With multiple-awards for his writing, David likes to focus on using his creativity to help explain everyday issues in memorable and entertaining ways. He wants to encourage generations to have fun.

Nici Gregory is an illustrator and mother of two, based in Sheffield. Nici brings the characters to life with charm and wit, based upon her loving family, her cheeky pets and the many feathered and furry visitors to her garden studio. The Growers is Nici's first children’s storybook.

Great Children's Books

The Growers

This beautiful, entertaining storybook shows everyone that any garden can be an amazing place for children. The Growers have more fun than most. Includes FREE British Wildflower seed paper, jokes, maze, recipe, insect hunt, quiz and more.

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What's Underground?

The second in The Growers series explores what really is underground. Grandad's growing leaves above ground, but Jess and Jack's imagination means there could be anything growing... dinosaurs, muddy treasure or a new bike maybe?


Where's Bob?

In the third book we meet Bob the frog. Bob is shy and doesn't like noise. Every time Jess tries to show Bob to Jack, Bob is nowhere to be seen. In this story, Jack's imagination runs wild and he learns the benefit of silence and patience.