Activities for kids

When children are having fun they learn valuable educational and social lessons without even trying. The Growers books contain content and activities designed to help families and generations spend precious time together, indoors or outside. 

Honey Cake Recipe

Baking with children can be great fun. Granny Growers' honey cake recipe has been handed down generations, now she is handing it to you. It's even more impressive with homemade fondant bee decorations - instructions included.

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Grow Your Own

Is there anything more rewarding than seeing the very first green shoots of life pushing through the soil? Here you will find a selection of activities to make it even more exciting for anyone with little green fingers.

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Make a Bee hotel

Making a bee hotel is a great activity to do with any child, The Growers will show you how to make a simple bee hotel or a more advanced version. Both hotels will help the bees, plants, flowers and vegetables. Get buzzy.

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Fun & Games

The Growers like a really good laugh, the Jokes here are suitable for young children... and grown-ups with a silly sense of humour. The activities will also keep children busy and help everyone have a great day together.

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