Book characters

Like a lot of families, Jess and Jack's Mum and Dad have to go to work. This is no bad thing because they have Granny and Grandad Grower ready to make every day an adventure and every lesson a fun one. 

Jack is very inquisitive, he asks questions so quickly that there is hardly time for an answer. He has a wild imagination, which can make anything funny. Jack likes puddles and he loves wildlife almost as much as he loves his wellies.

Jack's big sister Jess loves her flowery dress. She loves anything flowery, or with butterflies. But Jess also finds snails, spiders and creepy crawlys so interesting that she will even stop making mudpies to inspect them more closely.

Granny Grower loves her garden, her grandchildren, baking and her family, not necessarily in that order. She is clever and creative. She enjoys gardening and seeing the fruits of her labour with her garden and with her family.

Grandad is fun, adventurous and he loves being with his family in the garden. He’s practical, likes to be doing projects and passing his wisdom on. He has a playful spirit and a great imagination – maybe that's where the children get it from.

Bracken is the loveable family dog, daft as a brush and as bouncy as a kangaroo on hot sand. He is interested in everything, or perhaps just confused. Bracken's best friend is Tiger. He's a pedigree Bitsa - bits of this and bits of that. 

Tiger is a lovely cat, but she doesn't exactly live up to her name. Her idea of stalking is walking boldly up to her dish and pouncing on it. Tiger is a pet, but acts more like a house guest that expects everything to be laid on for her.